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Vitas Dijokas

Vitas is an expressive abstract artist whose work embodies the spirit of Abstract Expressionism. Originally from Latvia, Vitas relocated to Jaffa 15 years ago, where he has established himself as a prominent figure in the local art scene. Vitas describes his artistic journey, saying, "I sell my work from my home studio, both online and offline. At shows and events, my art consistently attracts buyers." Despite his success, Vitas has not yet worked with galleries or auctions, preferring a more direct connection with art enthusiasts. Explore Vitas's bold and emotive abstract compositions, where each piece reflects his unique perspective and artistic vision.

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“Kakdelart Multi-Art Festival”

“Out of the box” – solo street show 


“I see you - Neurodiversity Biennale” 

“NoviGod New Year Party”  – live painting performance Group Exhibition

“When Every Exhibition Becomes a Memorial” 

“#Artists Stand with Israel” – projection of works of a group of artists on the streets of several cities across the world 

Group exhibition by Shalvata Hospital Art Studio in Tel Aviv 

Artistic residency by KakDelart in Yaffo 

Duo exhibition by KakDelart 


Ukraine Charity Fair 


Group exhibition by Shalvata

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