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Ekaterina Khrustaleva

The stunning beauty of Israel, the energy, the feeling of life everywhere, the brightness, the noise - this is what will remain forever as the first impression of the country to which our family moved from Russia 1.5 years ago. The amount of inspiration that I receive from everywhere forced me not to stand still, not to be distracted by the worries of new repatriates, but to create projects - we opened a ceramics studio, where I teach, sculpt for myself, and I do several art projects. I became bolder and more collected. And I feel great love and gratitude for this place, for the people, because I believe that I found myself in the most energetic place on Earth.

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Every Exhibition will become the Memorial, Tel Aviv


“Surfaces”, Tsaritsyno Museum, Moscow

“Ceramics and glass in an ancient park”, Kuskovo, Moscow

“Movement to meet spring”, Ryazan


KBLB as a white sheet of paper, Moscow

Field of Physicality, St. Petersburg

Philosophy of White, Moscow

Unity of Dissimilars, Moscow

“Christmas”, Tarusa

Bon appetit, Moscow

Simulacra, Moscow


Teacher and student, Moscow


Personal exhibition, Moscow, IBS


Toronto EXPO

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