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Adele Levitova

Artist from Russia 🇷🇺 


Adele Levitova received her education in the field of painting through private lessons from Moscow masters, and later at courses in New York, Florence, and London. She conducts a wide range of design activities, participating in collaborations with artists and brands. The artist never repeats her works, every time experimenting with new subjects, shapes, and colors. She calls her painting style - figurative expressionism with elements of abstraction. Paintings by Adele Levitova complement private and public collections in Russia and abroad.


"Star was born" - My picture refers to the biblical story about the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though in my paintings I often touch on religious themes, I adhere to the concept that God is one. The spirit of the Savior or the mission is in every person. The birth of a child is in itself a great miracle.


“My religion” - I have always liked Israel, the holy places, the history of the country, and the diversity of faiths and people. Until a few years ago, I didn't even think about it. In 2022, I found my new home, and friends in Israel, and continued my work as an artist, participating in exhibitions, collaborating, and trying myself in new media. I hope that in Israel I will open a new chapter in my work.

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