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David Mekibel

David Mekibel, a pioneering Netherlands-born Russian Israeli digital new media artist celebrated for his unique blend of AI in art. David's multicultural upbringing, shaped by Moscow and Israel, deeply influences his artistic vision. His journey led him to Boston in 2014 to study Visual Media Art at Emerson College, where he honed his skills in 3D digital art. Since 2018, David has been crafting album covers and music videos for prominent Russian musicians, with his designs frequently topping the charts. A notable highlight was in summer 2019 when his artwork for DJ Smash's "Беги (Run)" landed the #1 spot in Russia’s top charts.

In 2021, David ventured into the world of digital art, selling his creations as NFTs. This transition marked a new chapter in his career, which further evolved upon his return to Israel in 2022. Here, David delved into AI art, dedicating himself to creating digital mixed media art. His innovative work has been featured in numerous exhibitions across Tel Aviv, showcasing his commitment to exploring the boundaries of AI and art. David continues to push the envelope in digital new media art, seeking to inspire and redefine the art world through his unique approach to digital art.

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The Temple Jaffa


Papaya Shabbat


Trans-Human, Mazal Dagim 15 Jaffa,

yberpink World, Taiber House Givatayim


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