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Moriya Kaplan

Artist from Ukraine 🇺🇦 

Moriya works in the style of conceptual realism. Her works contain ambivalence: On one hand, it is the aesthetics of nature, and on the other hand, human nature. 

MorIya presents a special research of she's roots from ukraine and connection to Ukrainians art.

VYSHYVANKA - Vyshyvanka is not only a part of our wardrobe, but a certain encoded set of energies that create a perfect and harmonious destiny of a person. this work is like an intimate connection between the body and the memory of the genetic code, genetic code stitched by hand.
Indigo is like the color of embroidery.
The color blue occupies a special place in embroidery patterns. Indigo. It permeates the fabric of the embroidery, adding deep symbolism and multifaceted meaning to it. Blue in embroidery is the color of peace and relaxation, a symbol of eternity and infinity. Kandinsky wrote: “The deeper the blue color, the more strongly it calls a person to infinity, awakens in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural.” This color seems to balance chaos, giving embroidery patterns depth and calm, like calm waters and boundless skies.

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