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Nadia Kurbatov

Nadia Kurbatov, is a talented watercolour artist known for her airy and beautiful painting technique. At 32 years old and a mother of three young children, Nadia has amassed a rich exhibition history over the years. Originally from Russia, Nadia's journey to Israel began at the age of 18. With humour, she admits, "I don’t know how to count anymore; my children ate my brain!" Despite the challenges of motherhood, Nadia's passion for watercolours shines through in her delicate portrayals of flowers, nature, beautiful women, and children. Her art reflects a deep love for the medium and a keen eye for capturing the beauty of everyday life with grace and charm.

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Solo Exhibitions:

2018 "спокойной ночи малыши" at Skaletsky Store, TLV

2017 “homeless”, at Skaletsky Store,  TLV

2017 participation in watercolor contest in London with watercolor “Albino”, work was sold and now is in a private collection in London

Group exhibitions:

2022  - participation in a few exhibitions by ECLECTICTLV art group

2019 - participating in LaCulture exhibition in Tel Aviv, work was sold and placed in a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, 2023 family exhibition in Motherhood Town, Novosibirsk

2018  - participation and winning place at watercolor contest in Saint Petersburg ,


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