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Ekaterina Belukhina

Ekaterina came to Israel in 2019 from Russia and is currently based in London as a multidisciplinary artist. Working across various mediums including painting, video, installation, and sculpture, Ms. Belukhina specializes in oil painting to evoke physical sensations through visual imagery and material textures.

Ekaterina studied Fine Arts at the Visual Art Center by Ilya Gefter in Tel Aviv, Israel, along with Contemporary Art and Practice at Tzvetnik in Russia and Art Projects at Get Art Fit, Russia. She has participated in several notable exhibitions, including MUDI in Arte at Museo di Salerno (2020) and the London Art Biennale 2021.

Belukhina has completed artist residencies at SpudWORKS in the UK and Transhumanism in Israel. She was short-listed for "Art at the Museum" and received the Outstanding Work in Visual Art award by Write-Haus 2023 in Tel Aviv. Her first solo show titled “Map Out” was held in 2022.

Ekaterina's artworks are semi-autobiographical, often featuring female figures and portraits. Her work combines representational imagery with vibrant colors, creating an energetic feel contrasted with intense blacks and textured lines. These aspects reflect on societal issues such as violence against women and the objectification of female bodies in media and culture.

Her art practice intertwines diverse elements from painting, photography, video art, and objects to explore broader cultural conversations around inequality, power dynamics, and contemporary society's perception of women, challenging harmful gender stereotypes portrayed in the media.

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Ekaterina Belukhina

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