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Xenia Plehanova

Hailing from Russia, Siberia and based in Israel, Xenia Plehanova specializes in academic painting. Her work, marked by precise composition and harmonious color transitions, explores themes of human identity, the collective female image, self-knowledge, and the perception of solitude. Beyond academia, Ksenia ventures into installation, abstract painting, and graphics, pushing the boundaries of her creative vision. Art therapy plays an important role in her career, unveiling new facets of her personality and providing insight into the inner worlds of others. Through this shared exploration, Xenia transcends the canvas, forging a profound connection between her art and the human experience

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Xenia Plehanov

Personal exhibition:


Sheva March

2024 3.6.9

Group exhibitions:


December - Memorial, Siva, Tel Aviv

October - “Her name”, Italian Hall of the Academy of Arts

May - “Youth”, St. Petersburg Union of Artists 2022 exhibition of academic painting, Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, January 2021

Deus XXI Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg. Participated in charitable projects using art as a means of raising awareness.


2023-24 project Swiva Tel Aviv

2021-2022 project work with the “Simple Things” Foundation in St. Petersburg,

The works are in the Fund Repin Academy of Arts and historical collections.


Residences: ⁃ get an art project

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