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Art can unite! On Sunday - May 1, 2022, a week ago, I opened a joint exhibition of Ukrainian and Russian artists in the heart of Old Jaffa. Together with SNOB Tel Aviv + Genesis Philanthropy Group + Social Space TLV. We set a pretentious goal: to hold a dialogue between two nations during the war in a common space in Old Jaffa and we succeeded!CREATORSThis is a platform through which artists, directors, sculptors, writers, screenwriters, musicians, and producers can express themselves and get the opportunity to realize themselves in a creative way in Israel. It is a meta-project that brings together art, people, spaces, organizations

אילן ספירא - צילום (67).JPG
אילן ספירא - צילום (67).JPG


The mission of CREATORS is to use culture and art as a platform for dialogue. Curators and creators from Ukraine, Russia and Europe are already participating in the project.
At an art exhibition that opens the gallery, participants
Amazing artists who worked and created for the benefit of the exhibition, among them -
Nikolay Sokolov (Ukraine) with paintings "Kyiv-Lviv train. We are going nowhere" and abstractions from the "Koblo" series,
Olga Marshak (Ukraine) with the paintings "Poppies",
The artist Alexandra Dashevsky (Russia) with the installation Dona nobis pacem and a joint installation with Yevgeny Kazachkov open response,
Alexander Kozlov (Russia),
illustrator Anna Desnitskaya (Russia),
as well as the famous sculptor of Odessa - Arkady Marshak (Ukraine), and Tatyana-Margarita Shaw, the art curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Odessa, who will present the photo-film project "The New History of Ukraine", created jointly with the "MIR" group and Marat Gelman.
The CREATORS gallery is located at 15 Mezal Mezim, Old Jaffa.

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