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Newcomers artists, sculptors, AI and VR artists are invited to apply for participation in the collective exhibition DIALOG!

 The exhibition will be held at the Fresh Paint contemporary art fair 28.5 - 4.6.2023 Port of Jaffa.

 The exhibition will present Russian-speaking artists and creators of a working dialogue with the worldwide public in the port of old Yafo, Israel.


  The main goals of the exhibition:

   1. Large-scale presentation of the unique art of Olim artists to the viewer.

   2. Create an art dialogue with viewers from all over the world.

   3. Highlight the originality of the work of newcomers artists.

   4. Find a buyer and customer for each artist.

   5. Leave vivid impressions of the work of newcomers russian-speaking artists.


  The Fresh Paint Fair is the largest contemporary art scene in Israel.  This event attracts collectors and creative people from all over the world.

  About 40,000 visitors visit the Fresh Paint fair in 5 working days.  The fair is actively advertised on all news channels.


  We have the opportunity to present the art of the russian-speaking olim at such a large-scale meeting.  I invite all newcomers artists to send an application for participation

Accepting applications until 15.04.2023

The numbers of exhibitors are limited!


Curated by Ela Cohen

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